X Factor Finalists 2008

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2008-11-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 4:16

Music Video


  • I Hate This Video

    By princss...xxx
    Great Song, Great Singing, not so great video. Why does all the X Factor videos always have them wearing black in a dark room. Be a bit more creative. I suppose this review excludes Leona's first video. ...xxx
  • Needs a new title

    By Gab-bay
    Shouldn't this video be called: Alexandra Burke and the X Factor Finalists?
  • great to see everybody supporting the troops!

    By 105rory
    great idea, great song! soldiers injured and killed abroad give everything to their country. we owe these fellas everything and its great to see the nation getting behind them. keep up the good work boys and girls!
  • WOWOW!

    By crazygurlxxx
    wow! this song is amazing and is going to such an amazing cause u have got to be like MAD if u dunt buy this video it is amazing ! can u believe x factor is over ! alexandra won! i am gald but i did kinda want JLS to win as well! anyways buy this video its defo worth it ! xxx
  • Alexandra the great!!!!!

    By Zane !!
    Hallelujah!!! Alexandra i knew you'd do it girl Congrats on the win you deserve it. i know this is the hero review butr cant find your new single on itunes yet even tho they said it would availiable to down load immediately!!!!! Cant wait to hear more from you congrats again and Merry christmas to you and all the x factor contestants Zx
  • only bought it because of the cause money is going to.

    By asdral
    Could have been sung by Bob the builder and I would have bought it- about time something worthwhile came out of this programme and group of soon to be forgottens- but suppose they deserve my thanks for doing it.
  • Quite gud

    By TomParkin3
    its alrite but im disappointed that diana got voted out of the x factor, she was the best singer of them all
  • rubbish

    By unitedstar
    utter utter rubbish , poor song , everything about it stinks,, who is buying this!!!!
  • Great Song, Alexandra to win! i hate the others!

    By ihaveawhiteiphone:)
    Looking at who's left (the date i wrote this being thursday 4th december): Diana, LJS, Alexandra & Oweign.. i think that Alexandra has GOT to win! Diana is just terriable, JLS are far to cocky and annoying, Oweign is a annoying shrek look-alike with terrible hair and a bad annoying voice. But, Alexandra is great, she has an ecilent voice and is a very nice person. And even in the video thumnail here on iTunes Alexandra is right in front. So, i think she should win. :) Please Vote Alexandra, i know i will.
  • meh

    By Willygrng
    Insipid drivel under the cover of a charity single.