All Summer Long

Kid Rock

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2008-05-15
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 3:48

Music Video


  • Barefaced, Mindless Plagiarism

    By baldbassman
    An insult to the memory of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd and Warren Zevon, and to the intelligence of youth the world over, who deserve better than just another meaningless anthem to vacuous hedonism. Shame on you, Kid Rock.
  • poor

    By Emokris
    crap waste of money and time overplayed atrocious
  • Killer

    By Tamfoolery
    This song has totally ruined "Sweet Home Alabama". If the way the music flowed was similar to the original I would probably like it!
  • Utter Sh1te

    By JP-J
    Kid Rock could be the star of Style Challenge; with his lank hair and crap tattoos, he is surely just Billy Ray Cyrus for modern times. Oh, and before people say 'it's all about the music', well that's ripped off and it was crap the first time round.
  • super video

    By cool dude 7
    this a classic music video from kid rock one of his best songs he has ever done this the best song of the summer so dont let people put you of buying this video or his single or his new album you will enjoy very much and itunes hope to see more of his videos and singles and albums up on your store
  • Great Video!!!!

    By Tucker # :-(
    This is really a cool song with a great video to back it up. However threr is one thing itunes. GET MORE KID ROCK VIDEO'S AND REAL KID ROCK SONGS ON HERE PLEASE (NOT TRIBUTES!!!)
  • You Can Buy The Single!!

    By ihaveawhiteiphone:)
    its a good song, but people keep saying you cant buy the song.. you can and you have been able to since the beginning of june.. aha. *im downloading the single now* :)
  • Just the song, please

    By dadalad
    Love the song, but I'm not going to fork out £1.89 for a video I don't want... and I often find that the videos have blank spots when played in audio-only on shuffle on my ipod. It's a real bug bear that we're paying inflated prices in the UK, come on Apple... play fair!
  • Pretty Good

    By Palpitator
    I like this song, even though some of the score and lyrics has been plagarised from Werewolves and Sweet Alabama. Agree with others that this is a lazy artist but can't stop the feet tapping and plenty of air guitar (I know. Sad or what?), especially when played back to back with Sweet Aalabama. Lets please have it as a download song only. Not interested in the video hence the 4 stars only.
  • Brilliant song!

    By MumblingMak
    I love this song, but WHY can I only buy it as a video? My iPod is (very) old, and can't do video..... :-(