Call the Shots

Girls Aloud

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2007-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 3:54

Music Video


  • Love It!

    By Ferg1e Ferg
    Great video from Girls Aloud. The powerful song matches the video nicely.
  • the vid

    By Alex Crozier
    the vids gud and all but couldent help thinking the licra cat suits looked bit sluty. lol but there all so fit lol gud gud
  • Ruined...

    By Katie Sausage
    I love this song, but am I the only one who finds the crass shooting stars effect absolutely nauseating? Girls - you have shown us you can do much better.
  • so good

    By pakor@plastic
    this song is great i heard it before it came out and i loved it
  • Great vid

    By Pudsack
    Looks like GA spent all their budget on the flight to LA to film this. Absolutely amazing song, but surely they could have thought of a better concept than the girls standing in the faux desert cut with Sarah watching someone in the shower and Nadine pining over a Jesse look-alike.
  • Great Value For Money !!

    By Sharkey1
    Buy this Music Video as part of the EP Single Offer and it works out as great value for money, shame iTunes does not do this more often. The song and video are typical Girls Aloud, so if you are a fan, buy,buy,buy.
  • Girls Aloud at their most brilliant

    By Some Great Reward
    What a video! Combined with an outstanding song, it feels glossy, full of emotion and all the girls look absolutely stunning - definitely one of their best - if not the best - videos to date. For me, the video sums up everything i love about Girls Aloud and why they really are the best band in the world. I'm seeing them live at the O2 next year and it's going to be amazing!
  • Fantastic Girls Aloud

    By boneym21
    Fantastic Girls Aloud.... This is the best Girls Aloud song, im not a fan of the Girls but i love this song, it has a very euro disco feel to it and the Girls look stunning in the video....
  • Sophisticated Sexyness

    By ~hawwie~
    This was the first video by the Girls that really made me go "Wow"! They all look stunning... especially Cheryl, the lighting is great and i love the shooting stars. Aside from the video the song itself is great - deffinatly number one material and I'm not just saying that because i like them. Worth the buy!
  • Buy as part of Call The Shots EP

    By -Jay-
    Instead of buying the Call The Shots video for £1.89 as an individual download, search for the Call The Shots EP. The Call The Shots EP also includes this video, as well as three tracks - Call The Shots, a remix of Call The Shots and a B Side, all for £1.99. So for just 10p extra you get much more for your money - bargain! The video is stunning, Girls Aloud are on top form - visually, and vocally. Good work girls!