Rule the World (Band Version)

Take That

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2007-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 4:18

Music Video


  • Awesome Song . . . Crap Video

    By Gary Barlow Fan
    The Director of this video should never be allowed to direct a video again. Seriously. Most of the video concentrates on people walking around the recording studio. If people pay money to buy a 'Take That' video, guess what they want to watch? Hmmmm. Let's take a wild leap here: Take That? But instead, the Director spends 3/4 of the video following engineers, photographers, and whoever else happens to be in the studio that day around the studio. What a waste. If you love this song, and who wouldn't, just buy the single--don't bother with the video. Complete waste of money (not to mention the waste of opportunity to focus on the reason people would want to watch this video: the band). *sigh*
  • Take that

    By Lol livie123
    Great song but whatever you do don't check out 3 lions blazing by pellican babies
  • stunning!

    By 2hdy82h
    love the video love the song! they look so natural and as if they are enjoying it without glamming it up! im sure if tgey had the choice they would have done a different video but they needed clips from the film to fit in and its easier to do that with a toned down video!

    By 08 Chris 08
    Take that have an amazing reputation. I don't know why people write bad things about them, they must be jealous. Gary amazing keyboarding, Mark bravo playing the electric gutuir Harold brilliant on the gutuir, Jason great drumming.
  • We can rule the world.....

    By Take That Rox!!!
    I love the song and the video a good idea!!! This song is amazing live 2!!!!!!!! Love this song
  • Take That are great.

    By Blah Blah.
    Great song/ Video :) Boooo to all the haters, they wouldn't know proper music even if it hit them on the head :P
  • Not Quite as Entertaining

    By oakcourt
    Sorry boys the song is lovely, but this is the dud in the pack as far as your video work from the last 2 years is concerned. It doesn#t have the bounce of Shine, the intensity of Patience or the visuality of Greatest Day.
  • Rule the world

    By Lindainoz07
    Fantastic song....fantastic vid ...5 star!!
  • rubbish

    By Bobdabuilder28
    take that are just rubbish, this video is so mainstream media
  • Take That for Fantastic

    By 7794lucy7794
    Take that never disappoint and this song and video is no exception. LOVE IT!!!

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