• Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2007-08-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 4:15

Music Video


  • Edited

    By manchurianjez
    I want to buy a music video and not a bleeped out one where itunes decide what i can and cant hear
  • Gosh!

    By lolrofllmaogal
    Its A good Song but why does every music video have to have girls doing wrong movements???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cool

    By By Ryan Thompson 12 april
    It actulley realy funny and it is the right video no afensive but some of. The amricans look weid the only good this is hot girls in it
  • Censored version of "Rockstar" video by Nickelback.

    By MadNick999
    iTunes have failed to label this as the censored version. Don't buy it unless you're offended by the word "dealer" - which, of course you won't be as you're buying this video. Make sure you buy the explicit version. And get iTunes to give you your money back if you've accidently bought this version. It worked for me.
  • edited version

    By Mista.D.
    Buy explicit version or suffer annoying dropouts.
  • Cool

    By Rugby Slug
    It's cool except they block out some words.
  • BUy explict

    By Too Cool Kid
    Good, but to many bleepings out! If you want a really fantastic vvid, buy the explicit one, otherwise buy this.
  • rockstar

    By Wee Anne
    I bought the clean one because the other one is just a complete rip off due to bad practice.
  • Weird!

    By hanny the koala
    Still, the songs great when it has all the words, but the video doesnt seem to match. Its good though
  • Who are all the people??

    By "T1969"
    What an absolute top Video, Just got my tickert to see them in September in Birmingham again... Oh and by the way if you pop along to wikipedia and search for Rockstar - Nickelback they have the lyrics and a list of who stars in this video. Lots of well known characters!!!!

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