The Pussycat Dolls

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2006-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 4:06

Music Video


  • :)

    By Wadinho
    If your not gay or a straight woman then you will enjoy this video...
  • average song great video

    By RyanCFC1967
    i dont' really care about pussycat dolls' songs all i know is that there videos are brilliant for obvious reasons, any straight male will love this
  • I'm tellin' you too..

    By A-L-X
    DOWNLOAD THIS! Amazing video. Amazing dancing. Amazing song. PUSSYCAT DOLLS = <3
  • Babewatch as an artform

    By revoxx
    Gyrating chorus of girls in the 'Crazy Horse' tradition. I can't make sense of the song. But it seems they're not getting enough action and Snoop's there to shepherd them into the pen. It's crass, big, stupid, sexy and kind of melts the mind. But of course this compote is a service to you and Nicole is the human vibrator egging you on. Great to watch and dance to.
  • Youtube

    By sazzleorchris
    It's a really stupid video, look up the dubbed version on Youtube, it really brings out the ridiculousness!!!
  • ppl

    By rosa2425
    i don't understand some people. if u don't want ur kid wanting to dance like them don't let them watch the video.don't like them don't buy the cd. And why criticise the way they dress when nowadays thats the way everyone does it. examples beyonce britney pink and so on. the girls look fantastic sing very well and dance even better. if u don't like them why bother to waste you're time writing a review. that's just sad. i enjoy very much they're music and i'm looking forward to hear some new music from the girls.
  • Hey Boys, look at us...

    By Outstandingly Amazing Person
    "Hey, look at us. We spend this entire video waving are boobs and bums at the camera, and we even start to strip half way through. So buy this video, make us rich, famous and popular, and hey, maybe we'll take even more clothes off in our next video (if that's humanly possible). But, if you don't buy it, the world will end, we will cover all our flesh up, the universe will crumble and the four horsemen of the apocalypse will trample on your soul." This is crap. I would rather have my fingers fed slowly through a mangle than watch this. Are these people singers, or strippers? If you think they or the video is hot (which many people seem to), then you must live very closeted lives...
  • So cool!

    By honormission21
    Amazing video and truely sexy. Anyone who thinks it is bad is silly, sorry but it is true!
  • Fabulous PCD Video

    By maccoman
    This is an absolutely fantastic video of the Dolls with Snoop. The girls look stunning and the song isn't bad either - for a PCD fan this is a 'must have' video!
  • y so serious?

    By L-14
    Ok so i understand that we need music that actually means something but i also think we need good, sexy, just havin a laf songs like this. Life would be very boring if we had to be serious all the time. This is one of my favourite tracks off the album cuz it always makes me wanna get up and dance, i love this song, and it was one of my fave tracks from 2006

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