• Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2006-01-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Video Length: 3:59

Music Video


  • Unusualy Lovely

    By Felis Libyca
    Came across this song whilst browsing. Think it's absolutely lovely . Reminds me of being small and all the grown ups and most things around appearing huge.
  • Kwl

    By bec j
    This song is amazing, i know its Now 2011 but at white hough me and my friend sang the song. I remember when me and my dad listened to the song.
  • Amazing

    By Hazza563
    It's the best song by this artist
  • Joseph Cyril Bamford

    By EssEss
    Well said RichAmey ! This is a simple song, written (I hope) from the heart, with a simple video, perfectly mimicking the words. To those who don't understand it, that's okay, I bet there's stuff you like that I don't 'get'. Here's a clue to this songs appeal though; wait until you're the wrong side of forty-five, with your children having left home. THEN YOU'LL GET IT..............
  • Heros

    By Cm112142
    I hope my son thinks of me as much as this kid worships his Dad really lovely song and great video
  • Is there anything wrong with the song atall?

    By *BaNaNa*=)
    This amazing song and video hits you with shock as you remind yourself of sitting in a car with your dad and singing along to his favorite song.He tells you that he loves you and you say ' i love you more!!' and you sing all the way there.It becomes your favorite song and it stays with you forever.This is the message this song gives to me.It is absolutley amazing.
  • Awesome!

    By iPod touch-er
    I think the song is really catchy and the video is also good :) i love it :D
  • Great

    By ***Steve***
    Love it!
  • Just an overall great song + vid

    By Mclovin this app!
    Sure nipozli are a one hit wonder but this a great song and a amazing video nevertheless !! I bought this the week it came out in 2005 for my dad on his iPod and he still uses it!!!
  • Entertaining

    By Kzoe030
    Simple but entertaining video with a song about a little boy and his dad in his JCB. This is a song that both children and adults love.