Big City Blues - The Hoax

Big City Blues

The Hoax

  • Genre: Blues
  • Release Date: 2013-08-19
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 12

  • ℗ 2013 Credible Records


Title Artist Time
Hipslicker The Hoax 4:16 GBP 0.79
Big City Blues The Hoax 4:45 GBP 0.79
Let It Shine The Hoax 4:19 GBP 0.79
Stick Around The Hoax 4:29 GBP 0.79
Can't Do Right for Doing Wrong The Hoax 4:07 GBP 0.79
Two Steps Back The Hoax 5:51 GBP 0.79
Keep on Messin' The Hoax 4:01 GBP 0.79
Talk Is Cheap The Hoax 3:15 GBP 0.79
Roll on Up The Hoax 4:21 GBP 0.79
Give Me a Drink The Hoax 5:32 GBP 0.79
Tes Nuits Insolits The Hoax 3:50 GBP 0.79
Pledge Giver Blues The Hoax 7:05 GBP 0.79


  • Yeaaahhhh Hoax

    By Addy_maddy2
    took Long time to come back...but soooo damn amazing !
  • Same old same old

    By blues elephant
    Bless, I guess the solo careers aren't working out.
  • Long time coming

    By Graham Williams
    It's been a long time since Humdinger, and Big City Blues is a welcome return - catchy, raucous, fun and wonderfully thumpy songs. Everyone with ears that work should buy this album!
  • gimmie the boogie

    By the cartmel cowboy
    buy this album......the best blues you will hear this year(and next)........glad to be a sponsor..
  • big city blues

    By ken 76 years young
    GREAT album GREAT band great music at last
  • Fantastic!

    By T@nz
    A great up beat album. Catchy from start to finish. Buy it!!!
  • The Hoax are back!

    By General Dogs Body
    I love this album... really gritty blues. Mark Barrett drums like a train, Hugh Coltman sings and blows harp like a banshee.. John Amor, Jess Davey and Robin Davey are at their rhythm-grinding best - some fantastic lead work too. The sound of the summer!
  • Buy It!

    By Another Hoax Fan
    Another brilliant album from a great band and this encapsulates their outstanding live performance. Buy it and go see them too! You will love 'em!
  • More than just the blues.

    By mr mugwumps lll
    The five members of the Hoax have all been very busy in their own projects since the release of the excellent Humdinger, many years ago and they have brought all the experience gained in those years to come up with what I think is their most varied and accomplished album so far. The playing as always is exceptional with two of the best blues guitarists around, Hugh Coltman's vocals have gained a new depth and confidence, but most noticeable is the way the band now work as single unit and have produced a set of songs which repay repeated listening revealing themselves gradually like all good music does. Maybe some die hard blues fans might find a few songs stray from the usual format, but this I think is a total bonus. I have been listening to this album constantly since I got it and it is becoming one that I don't just like, but I that am growing to love and that is not common in these days of single track downloads and instant appeal sounds.
  • Love it

    By A Hoax fan
    Awesome album from the Hoax. Been a long time coming but worth the wait. Best British blues album in years. Hope they get the credit they deserve.