Second Coming - The Stone Roses

Second Coming

The Stone Roses

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 1994-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 13

  • ℗ 1994 Geffen Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
Breaking Into Heaven The Stone Roses 11:19 GBP Album Only
Driving South The Stone Roses 5:09 GBP 0.99
Ten Storey Love Song The Stone Roses 4:29 GBP 0.99
Daybreak The Stone Roses 6:33 GBP 0.99
Your Star Will Shine The Stone Roses 2:55 GBP 0.99
Straight to the Man The Stone Roses 3:13 GBP 0.99
Begging You The Stone Roses 4:53 GBP 0.99
Tightrope The Stone Roses 4:24 GBP 0.99
Good Times The Stone Roses 5:40 GBP 0.99
Tears The Stone Roses 6:50 GBP 0.99
How Do You Sleep The Stone Roses 4:59 GBP 0.99
Love Spreads The Stone Roses 5:47 GBP 0.99
Foz The Stone Roses 6:26 GBP 0.99


  • underated

    By creativeenergymg
    many say this album didnt live up to the original. maybe they are right, but listen to those bass lines on love spreads and breaking into heaven. a classic in my book
  • claѕѕιc

    By pнιlѕтer
    тнe мoѕт υnderraтed alвυм ever releaѕed perιod
  • Just as good if not better

    By Poopants184958394
    Ok so it's not better than the first album, but then again I don't think anything will be. However this album shows the roses in a different light, a more chilled version of them. Every song on this album is different! A great listen. Love spreads and tightrope are an absolute must!
  • The good ol' days

    By oisaveloy
    Let's get down to brass tacks, when everyone was off their face on quality e's, this album was as pleasurable to the listener as it was to Brownie, caned off his face, producing it.
  • Great music, great band

    By Msfd
    So glad they have reformed! Bring on the new music! 1st two albums great!
  • Epic!

    By Jo3😜
    My new fave song 😆
  • Second Coming

    By KiNG C0LM
    This is an amazing album! It's a lot different to the first because of what happened in their personal lives if you understood what happened you'd understand why Ian Brown sings different and the music doesn't sound as upbeat but still some quality tunes!
  • An Excellent Album

    By Dr. Donowt
    Who says this album isnt as good as the first? Are you mad? This album just happens to be different from the first. Listen to 'Love Spreads' or 'How d ya Sleep? ' they are absolute classics.This is an album of 4 lads at their best. Now they 're back together Im sure we ll get another great album from them. Sure some people wont like it but make up your own mind. I cant wait.
  • Outstanding

    By Mutley109
    If this was a debut album, I have no doubt that critics would put it into their top ten. However, the debut album is a touch on perfection and how can you improve on perfection?
  • Some absolute gems!

    By Dwl471
    This is always seen as a terrible album, but listening to it again for the first time in years it's not. There are some absolute gems in here. Ten storey love song is almost as good as anything else they've done. Plus love spreads, breaking into heaven (the middle bit with the song), daybreak & begging you, your star. It's not the first album and the fives years between them shows, but this does not deserve the reputation it has for being a dog of an album. Many bands wish they could write songs this bad!

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